What you need to know about the Beta of a security or portfolio – Part 1

FFI - Online Executive Education provides everyone with a tool to calculate the beta of all the stocks listed in the United States. But what is the beta again and how can we use it in portfolio management? [...]

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Why Asset Management @ Wharton Online

At the University of Pennsylvania in the late ‘90s, I was a history major. To my good fortune, I learned from some of the best history professors in the country in a department that included [...]

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Is ICCF @ Columbia Business School Right For Me?

If any of these categories apply, ICCF @ Columbia Business School may be just what you are looking for: Financial controller: You are a financial controller looking to develop a better understanding of corporate finance [...]

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Five Reasons to Consider ICCF @ Columbia Business School

Are you a corporate finance executive, looking to brush up on your industry knowledge? A mid-level professional looking to boost your career and broaden your expertise? A student, looking for a way to stand out [...]

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A Most Interesting Survey About Strategy

On September 1, I released a short evaluation quiz on Business Strategy.  There were 249 respondents over 10 days and it is now time to comment on the average performance. Overall Average Results The quiz consists [...]

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Why Strategy Is So Important For Finance Professionals

Corporate strategy is the key topic for Top Management and Executive Committees as they are the ones who decide on the strategic direction and shape the future of the company. A bank's Top Management needs to take [...]

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Learning From Brexit

“What impact would Brexit passing have on the financial markets?” This question was asked in late April during one of our live sessions, an interactive component of our UNC Capital Markets Certificate Program that enables students [...]

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