The Code of Honor of FIRST FINANCE Institute is accepted by any learner enrolled in one of the Executive Online Certificates and reflects the commitment which make all participants to respect and enforce the common learning model.

You commit :

  • To post only personal work on the platform.
  • Not to engage in any dishonest activity in order to improve your results, or improve or reduce the results of others.
  • Not to reproduce or republish the questions or answers of quizzes, exams.
  • Not to publish the results of quizzes, questions, exams, in the discussion forums.
  • Not to spread the materials of courses or program (for example, republish screen shots or course videos.
  • Maintain only one account for all the FBMX websites and not to let anyone else use your login and/or your password.
  • Publish only correct personal information.
  • Act as guardian of the Code of Honor and encourage all other participants to do the same thing.

You acknowledge and accept that the non respect of the present Code of Honor could lead to the abolition of your account.