If any of these categories apply, ICCF @ Columbia Business School may be just what you are looking for:

Financial controller: You are a financial controller looking to develop a better understanding of corporate finance and add more value. You want to work more closely with the CFO on potential financial transactions and identify other ways to grow the business. ICCF can get you to the next level of domain expertise.

Corporate Lawyer: You deal in M&A, IPO’s, and Shareholder Agreements. Perhaps a deeper understanding of the financial concepts involved in your deals would give you the leg up that you are looking for.

Business Manager: You have just been promoted to manager of a revenue-generating unit for your company. You are looking to increase your financial skills to better drive the business and communicate with your finance department.

Entrepreneur: You are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital and fund your growing business. You’re not sure what working capital and valuations are all about and how they’ll affect your business.  You also want to make sure potential investors are not at a negotiating advantage because of their finance backgrounds.

Fund manager: Warren Buffett became “Warren Buffett” in part because he studied Financial Analysis at Columbia Business School in the 1950s. ICCF starts with Financial Analysis, the foundation for any sound business and investment decision.

Accountant: Nowadays, accountants need to go beyond the auditing aspect of their jobs and are increasingly being asked to be financial advisors for their clients. Finance and accounting are two different things. ICCF will help you diversify your domain expertise and skill-set, better serving the client and furthering your career.

Consultant: Business consultants are not only strategists. Strategy and finance are two sides of the same coin and are all about value creation. Does the company have the financial well-being to implement its strategy? Will it really create value? ICCF will give you the essentials of finance needed to make sure that both strategy and finance are aligned.

Enterprise Sales You are selling a software or cloud-based solution to financial institutions.  You know your product well but are not always familiar with the terms your clients are using and are reluctant to speak up sometime because you don’t have a finance background. ICCF can give you the knowledge and pedigree to “lean in.”

Student: Whatever your field of study, add a nice line to your resume, stand out from the crowd and be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges!

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