Testimonials from our alumni

“I highly recommend the M&A program at Columbia Business School.  Whether you are new to M&A or a daily practitioner, the course is a great in-depth look at the process from market conditions to perspective on valuation and tactical approaches through the lens of actual real-life cases.  I enjoyed every minute of it!”

Miriam Driot, Falcon Real Estate Investment Management - Acquisitions | M&A @ Columbia Business School

“A very valuable experience. A balanced and time-efficient course on the practical and theoretical aspects of Corporate Finance. The exam demands time and effort which adds to the credibility of the certification. It provided me with tools and materials that I am still using in my analyst job.”

Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez, Sycomore Asset Management | ESG Analyst | France | ICCF @ Columbia Business School

“I got so much out of the eight weeks. I thought the material was presented in an incredibly organized and very well thought-out manner. The thought and execution of presenting the material was absolutely genius!”

Craig Ford, Entrepreneur | United States | M&A @ Columbia Business School.

“I highly recommend the M&A @ Columbia Business School broadly for any role involved in the M&A process. I fill one of 20 functional area roles contributing to due diligence, deal documentation, and integration planning. This course has given me insights to more efficiently understand deal drivers and more accurately contribute to the process. The course was well-organized and flexible to accommodate my busy work schedule and both FFI and the professor were amazing”

Philip L. Bennett, Finance Sector | M&A @ Columbia Business School
“It’s a great pleasure for me to announce that I’ve passed ICCF @ Columbia Business School. I would like to thank all of the FFI teaching assistants and all the professors for their assistance during these courses. I strongly recommend the program to anyone who is willing to enhance their skills in Corporate Finance, particularly: Financial analysis, Corporate Valuation and Investment and funding decisions.”
“I believe the course is an excellent learning opportunity for both those who want to start exploring the topic of asset management and those who already have financial knowledge. Beginners will benefit from a well structured course that approaches all the main topics while more advanced students can take full advantage of Wharton’s amazing faculty members adding their vast experience to the theory. Therefore, I recommend this course to anyone that’s seriously interested in asset management.”
“I was very pleased with the course dynamics and content. It easily surpassed my expectations. The program is strong on a curriculum basis, but also easy to follow and delivered in a straightforward style.”
“The course represents a valuable opportunity to gain a specialization in Asset Management for both professionals and for those who want to get familiar with the financial markets. It provides a sound theoretical and practical framework, based on models and concepts prevalent in the industry. It is a unique opportunity to be part of the Wharton Community and interact with individuals from all around the world. The staff is fully available and provides prompt answers that make the overall experience very efficient.”
“Thank you for for organising the programme, I enjoyed it and really think it was a great balance between high quality content, fun and didactic lessons and appropriate pace. I would highly recommend this to other colleagues.”
Mario Ropero, Senior Equity Research Analyst, Madrid, Spain | Asset Management @ Wharton Online
“My learning experience on ICCF at Columbia has been transformational as it opened a world of new opportunities. The classes are extremely well built – solid knowledge and structured technical information explained very clearly, practical case studies to help you apply the concepts on the spot, quizzes to track progress and the teachers and staff are acing the subject. Most of my peers have previous experience and their questions help me understand more perspectives in a field that is new to me. I expect this learning process to help me add the financial acumen necessary to make the transition from a commercial professional to a more educated future business leader. “
“A challenging program that gave me the insights needed to understand the new trends in the asset management industry. Concise and rewarding, it offers access to the latest theory and research on asset management and the opportunity to daily interact with very supportive faculty members.”
Filomena Croft de Moura, Cinveste, Portugal | Asset Management @ Wharton Online
“The content and format of the course are what truly created an exceptional learning experience. I was pleasantly surprised by how interactive the course was and how quickly the professors and the support staff were ready to explain concepts further and share real-world examples and experiences.”
“A more balanced and time-efficient short course on the practical and theoretical aspects of Corporate Finance would be hard to imagine. The high quality and well-structured content enabled quick learning of key concepts whilst the online delivery of all study materials allowed the workload to remain manageable, even with a busy professional life.”
“A valuable experience. ICCF develops a new way of thinking in finance beyond memorizing formulas.

The exam is hard and demands time and effort The videos and textbooks are clear and concise. The support in the forum is great and we indeed have the opportunity to bond with other students.

I am really grateful to ICCF and the whole team for the opportunity to complete the program.”

“I enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it. What I found most interesting and useful about the class was getting up to speed on the latest research in the field. I was also able to retune my PM skill set, especially in the area of passive vs. active investing, something particularly relevant for me as I work with index products and clients on a daily basis.”
“This was, without a doubt, the best curated course I could find out there that sets up a framework for anyone to very quickly get the essential knowledge and insights necessary to be an effective asset manager. There is a nice balance between quantitative and qualitative analysis, the case studies were great in helping me apply my learning and the weekly online interactions with faculty members anchor the material to timely developments in the market. Definitely delivers a great return on investment!”
Siew Huey Ko, Singapore | Asset Management @ Wharton Online
Youssef Testimonial
“I never would have thought that an online course could be so interactive, but ICCF @ Columbia Business School has proved me wrong!

The format, faculty and caliber of the other students exceeded my expectations. I was also pleased that we were able to attend a lecture on the Columbia campus and have the opportunity to meet the faculty in-person.”

Danielle Testimonial
“When I signed up to the ICCF programme it was with the intention of broadening my outlook. As a non-accountant I expected it to be challenging and I wasn’t disappointed! It was a good kind of challenging; I’m learning a lot and it’s giving me a fresh perspective to work from. I am really impressed by how knowledgeable and supportive the lecture staff are. The online forums are fantastic and being able to get answers to questions within a few hours, any time day or night, helps you up to succeed.”
Michelle Testimonial
“The course is helping me re-evaluate how I look at my business. As a result of what we’ve covered so far, I reviewed our performance and realised our depreciation approach over-sold the life of certain assets, which inspired me to identify alternative investments to extend the life of those assets instead of writing them off. The first course paid for itself and I’m looking forward to the rest of the programme.

Although our brains are being stretched more than they’ve been in a long time, we’re both enjoying things and are glad we decided to give the ICCF programme a go!”

Michele Testimonial
“ICCF @ Columbia is my first online learning program and I am overwhelmed by the experience: I was expecting a lack of human interaction and it’s the contrary! CBS and FFI teams are always present in the forum, even during the week-ends, and exchanges with peers, expressing multiple views, contribute to my understanding. This is an online learning platform with a human dimension!

Thanks to this experience, the short video formats, quizes, and multiple materials, complex concepts are quickly understood and I now look differently at situations I encountered during my career.”

Britta Testimonial
“I never imagined that an online executive program could be as dynamic and motivating as an on the campus class. ICCF-CBS proved me wrong!

The International Certificate in Corporate Finance program is definitely challenging, but in a very positive and motivating way. Thanks to a great case study format that applies the theory of corporate finance to the real problems companies face and thanks to an extremely versatile, vibrant and experienced community of students and thanks to an extremely devoted, responsive and high caliber faculty, you have a fast learning experience and you never get lost.

It is truly a huge honor to work with this group of renowned faculty and professors. You definitely get what you would expect by the high reputation of CBS and ICCF.”

“The beauty of the program is that it manages to provide both breadth and flexibility.”
“If you consider joining the financial sector, I think this is a great stepping stone to understand the capital market and how it functions.”
Shane Wong, BNP Paribas, Singapore | Capital Markets @ UNC Kenan-Flager
“It’s a great investment of time and money and affordable given the quality of the course and the benefits you gain.”
“Besides the increased visibility in the job market, the Capital Markets program has allowed me to improve my performance in my current role.”


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