At the University of Pennsylvania in the late ‘90s, I was a history major. To my good fortune, I learned from some of the best history professors in the country in a department that included Thomas Childers, Drew Faust, Mary Frances Berry, and Walter McDougall, among others. My classes were exciting and challenging; if I could go back in time and select my major again, I would make the same choice.

At the same time, there were instances when I interacted with students enrolled at Penn’s top-ranked Wharton School of Business, when I was struck by the business expertise they seemed to possess. They might have been typical college students on the weekends, but Monday to Friday they seemed all business.

It was only years later after working in business that I realized what my Wharton peers possessed and what I lacked at the time was just a core understanding of the language of business. Much like any foreign language, you just need to spend time in that domain or commit to a program of study. It’s not necessarily easy but nor is it out of reach.

With this backdrop in mind, I am excited to be directing the efforts for FFI’s newest Executive Online Certificate, Asset Management @ Wharton Online.

For the first time, students and executives will be able to learn the inner workings of the asset management industry in a 100% online format. The cohort-based program lasts 17 weeks and covers three courses: Asset Management Fundamentals, Asset Management Products, and Asset Allocation & Strategies. The program enables students and executives to:

● View 10 hours of HD video lectures from distinguished Wharton professors

● Participate in weekly online synchronous Q&A sessions with faculty members

● Examine practical case study assignments

● Prove their expertise following a two-hour, proctored final exam

● Learn with a global executive community

● Gain a firm understanding of how the asset management industry works and a more nuanced perspective on investment strategies

● Earn a prestigious, market-driven credential from the Wharton School

So, whether you are a history major interested in business or a professional looking to boost your finance knowledge and earn a Wharton credential, this program and our virtual campus may be for you.

Visit our Asset Management @ Wharton Online program information page to learn more, download a detailed brochure or start a chat with our Program Advisors.